Sunday Night – What If No One Listens To Our Program?

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Dear Friends,

Well Peter, Rob and I went through that always scary thought for a radio programmer. Wow, with all of the attention this weekend on the the stuff before the election, will anyone take time to listen to our little What it Takes Radio program? We don’t know.

So I did a shortened program with a few thoughts on these subjects that might be relevant.

What is the radio programmer’s worst fear, and how do you deal with it. I think you will be surprised with the answer.

What are you going to do if Hillary Clinton wins the election?

What are you going to do if Donald Trump wins the election? …. in either case how will it affect you?

And we finish with some very positive life thoughts on the victory of the Chicago Cubs in the US Baseball World Series; and I bring you a little reflection on a possible patron saint (on this All Saints Sunday) for the Chicago Cubs.

Please take a few minutes to go to What it Takes Radio and listen to Election Weekend, and make some decisions as to when you are going to be on the radio, and when you will start your own radio station because in the future you may have to.

Again … all the best and blessings to us all, everyone!


PS … and for Monday’s program, a little speculation on … Could it be that no matter who wins the election, Donald Trump might be “the winner.”


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