‘Two Old Guys Talk About What is Clearer To Them… And What Really Matters … Now that The Election is past and the future is before us.

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Dear Friends,

For our weekend time Peter McClellan, a long time friend, client, broadcaster, and financial guru sat down and took some time to deal with one of my favorite questions…

It comes from the legendary story that when Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson would meet as they went about Concord MA, and wondered around Walden Pond; they would say, “Since we last met, what is clearer to you now?”

I ask my friends and myself that question a lot, and so for what it is worth, Peter and I took a crack at it. We tried to keep our limited prejudices in check, and shared what hopefully might be some wisdom, insight, and truth about “what it takes”; “what really matters.”

Peter and I combined our shows to do that and you can hear it now at www.whatittakesradio.com
join us

Again … all the best and blessings to us all, everyone!


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