Sunday Night – What if There Were Visiting Hours in Heaven?



Dear Friends,

That’s right, what if there were visiting hours in heaven … I would like that. Let’s talk about that.

One mentor of mine said, “Stan, everybody grows older, but very few ever grow up… Stan, be a grown up.”

And I discovered an old prayer that summarizes some wonderful truths. What it takes is the desire to be free of and full of. In fact “free me and fill me” is the key you have to learn to true success.

Well these are some of the things we talked about on What it Takes Radio this past week, and I would love to have you take a few minutes to listen to some of our short radio shows from Monday through Thursday …

… and then I bring it all together with our weekend program on the great and powerful question … What would you do if there were visiting hours in heaven?

WIT Radio Icon Header

You can hear them all now at

Again … remember that a thankful and grateful heart is seldom a fearful heart.



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