WITRadio April11th – Ten Minutes of Clarity – This is The Week for YOU to become a POW – A Person of Wisdom on The Path of Wisdom-


Dear Friends & Students
This is Holy Week in the Christian tradition, and those who follow the faith are often called on to use this time for personal renewal, restoration, and indeed the hope and confidence that the future will be well no matter what.

In today’s Ten Minutes of Clarity program I challenge you to do a key bit of work that is not only good for your soul, but for the success of your career and business.

Jesus was known in many circles of the early church not only for his deity but that he was a “Master of Wisdom.” In this Holy Week time I encourage you to follow his example and seek to discover what is The Wisdom Path that you are called to create and follow. The Program is:

This is the Week for Reflections, Decisions and finding Your Way to The Path of Wisdom.

And all the past programs are playing right now … for you, and for many others all around the world.

WIT Radio Icon Header

Tell me what you think, and then, you think about joining us on the radio!

All the best and blessings to you,


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