WITRadio – April 13 – Ten Minutes of Clarity – This is a Dark Day in History and It’s about the “B” word

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Dear Friends & Students

This is Holy Week in the Christian tradition.

Today is what is called in the Christian Tradition, Maundy Thursday, and it is indeed a dark day.

Because it is about the B word. And my use of that term has nothing to do with what many of you are thinking. So let’s find out what it is all about and “what it takes.”

You see we need to remember this day and the B word because our success and happiness may eventually depend on how we handle the real bad B word. Here is the 10 minute program.

10 Minutes of Clarity – Today is a Dark Day in History – it is the day of the terrible B word. Let’s talk about that!


Tell me what you think, and then, you think about joining us on the radio!

All the best and blessings to you,



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