Fire Your CEO – and Hire Me as Your STP!


Dear Friends and Students around the world,

Yes …. The position of CEO belongs in the museum of past business practices. In fact most businesses today are in themselves museums of past business practices.

The CEO, Executive Director (what ever title you want to give them) is not relevant to what business will have to be like in the present and near future.

The leader of a world-class gang of high performers… must have at their side and seek to become themselves, a STP. I am a STP, and I would like to audition for a role or gig in your soon-to-be world-class entrepreneurial enterprise.

So here is my audition show and I would be grateful if you would give it three minutes to first of all find out what a STP is, and how you need one; may need to become one yourself, and how to find a STP.

Your future business will not do well without one.

All the best and blessings,



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