Your Medicine May Be The Source of Your Body Pain & Killing YOU!


Dear Friends and Students around the world,

Last week I made this claim – The position of CEO belongs in the museum of past business practices. In fact most businesses today are themselves museums of past business practices.

The CEO, Executive Director (what ever title you want to give them) is not relevant to what business will have to be like in the present and near future.

The leader of a world-class gang of high performers… must have at their side, and seek to become themselves, a STP. I am a STP, and I would like to audition for a role or gig in your soon-to-be world-class entrepreneurial enterprise.

A STP is a Storyteller, Teacher, Performer.

And last week I told you that many businesses around the world have asked me to be their spokesman, indeed their storyteller. I can share that video with you if you wish, but now I would like to demonstrate my role as your teacher.

My friend Dr. Craig Brue recently wrote a powerful article that really helped me, and it was something I did not know … that the medicine we use can be the source of a great deal of body pain and misery,

I said to Dr. Craig, “You need to have this lesson taught to all your clients and colleagues, and indeed to the whole world.” He agreed but said that he had no idea how to do that. I do, so I went into the WiT Studio and did what I do well … I became the teacher for Dr. Brue, sharing his wisdom, insights, and truth.

Now I want to share this possible life-changing teaching with you. … Seven minutes to teach you that your medicine might be the source of your body pain and may even be killing you slowly.

So here is that teaching program… and after you watch it contact me about being the teacher for you and your organization! Your future business will not do well without one.


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