Getting Ready to Die!? You Decide…some thoughts for Freedom Weekend Holiday


Dear Friends and Students Around the World,

Ready to Die!?

Yes and No, and here is what I know, and here is the story.

My recent significant surgery has been both very painful and instructive to me. And maybe that is a powerful life learning reality.

My wonderful Dr Jenny told me after it all was done, that it was over three hours and it all looks good so far, …success. But she added, “Stan we were not a minute early in getting to this. It was serious stuff. But now I believe you will get to watch that new grandchild grow up.”

One of my first real MoM = Moment of Mortality reminders. It reminded me of some of those old fashioned scary sermons I often heard as a child on the theme of being ready to die.

But it also took me to a more recent lesson in life from the great and legendary consultant and thinker, Peter Drucker. Later in his career, Drucker mused that he could not really help a Senior Executive of an organization that could not answer the legendary question of St Augustine … “How do you want to be remembered?”

I have taught that question for many years but I guess I really never took it very seriously myself until the last few years. In the last few months and even days I have made significant decisions as to my life and legacy project(s).

May I share one with you because we (me and a few fellow spirits) made it a “go for it” MoM decision just now. There will be born soon The International Network of Christian Entrepreneurs. And one of it’s first projects will be the establishment of a new internet radio and media program and projects called, The Christian Entrepreneur.

TCE Raeio Logo

You may be interested in that idea if you are a man or woman of faith, and seeking to build a life and a business that works for you, your family, serves others; and as mission that might exceed your inevitable mortality.

As I sit here in God’s country of Northern Minnesota, having taken a break from God’s country in the beautiful Arizona desert… I hope to outline in the next few days seven ideas and principles that just may undergird The Christian Entrepreneur. I hope you will participate in that idea excursion and respond and contribute. It will be, as life itself is, a work in progress.

And as you will soon discover the first one was articulated powerfully in a song popularized by a well-known rocker from Northern Minnesota whose home town I drove through yesterday. Yes, we start with a song by Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan.

Do you know what it might be?

All the best and blessings,



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