Say it Again – The Christian Entrepreneur.- You Were Not Made to Just Work – Principle #3


Dear Friends who seek to live the life of an Entrepreneur.

Yes, it is the fifth word. This is how the story begins.

In the beginning God created… 

If you are a spirit-led Christian entrepreneur you like that word; you like it a lot. One of the things you love to do is to create things.

You probably are not too happy going to work for somebody else, and simply doing things to what they have or, what they do. Again, you need to create.

God is the creator and if we are made in his image, in his likeness; and if we share some of his insights and instincts, we too will delight in creating things.

When God created the heavens and the earth, he saw that it was good, indeed, it was very good.

Here is part of our modern-day problem. We don’t create things that much anymore. Oh, people do that but then most of us end up working for or with the creators, and don’t enjoy the full joy of the creation.

Example, Ray Kroc, certainly enjoyed creating the whole McDonalds hamburger idea. Indeed ,an entrepreneurial creation. But now most of the people with McDonalds are simply in the business of putting what has already been created together and making it work. That is vital, necessary, but it’s not the same.

In my teaching I point out that most of us today do a lot of different M words. We market things. We manage people, things, and resources. We manage money. We message things all over the world. And for sure we move things. We manufacture things, in that we take something that has been created and figure out ways to duplicate it and make it on a mass scale and then we move it out to the client and customer.

But often we miss the thrill and indeed the thing that makes us most human; we don’t make things.

I once met a man high up in the financial and business consulting services. He said somewhat wistfully, “I’ve made lots of deals and lots of money, but I can’t say that I ever made a darn thing.

A few years ago I realized that that was part of my problem. I was a thinker, the talker, a teacher, and perhaps even a motivator.

So I began to learn the art of making fine and beautiful pens.  I create pens that are hopefully beautiful, each one unique, and obviously practical and useful. I often say with a smile,

“Life is too short to go through it writing with an ugly pen.” –  now when someone comments on one of my pens, I can say, I made it.

These random stories and thoughts are simply meant to bring you around to The Christian Entrepreneur principle number three. We are called, indeed we are made, indeed it may be part of our purpose, to create things, good things.  

I don’t know what this might mean fully to you right now, but please think about it and see if it changes anything about how you do life and business, and how you might be called to be a Christian entrepreneur

All the best and blessings,



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