Say It Again – The Christian Entrepreneur – The Four Letter R Word That is Principle 4 for the Christian Entrepreneur


Dear Friends and Students of the Call to be a Christian Entrepreneur,

He was an experienced and veteran entrepreneur. He was speaking at a conference for aspiring entrepreneurs. And he began his address by saying, “Once you start your own business you will never feel fear again. You will graduate to sheer terror.”

The life of the entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted. Today we talk about principle four for the Christian entrepreneur. It is positioned exactly right in the middle, of the seven. That’s purposeful, in that it is central to the entire Christian entrepreneur experience. The life of the entrepreneur is one of taking big, hairy, and scary Risks

I met a young designer on the Internet who is seeking to start her own business and be an entrepreneur. I asked her to do some work for me and was pleased with the result. Then I asked her if she was up to designing a logo that would illustrate the life of a risk taking. 

She gave it her best and of the result is above. It is well done, and do you see how powerfully it does illustrate living life as it goes round and round, and then finally breaking away and taking risks.

Tim Hoerr, one of our colleagues in The Christian Entrepreneur has written a memoir about the entrepreneurial experience, and he simply cals it, Risking.

Tim’s powerful premise is that the God of the universe, the God that we as Christians seek to follow and imitate and live like, in our business and service, is one who wants us to take risks. 

You see it is in a life of taking risks that we find out who we really are, and we find out more about how God really works, and who He is.

That’s why we proclaim that God wants you to be an entrepreneur, or at least to think and act like one. God wants you to live a life of risk-taking and high dependence upon him and his power, directions, and intentions.

I have discovered that there is more to it than that. God wants you to be an entrepreneur because I know part of what’s going to happen to you.  

First of all you will give it your best, do everything you can, and you’ll fall flat on your a__.  You will fail, and have to find out what that is all about, and what you’re gonna do about it.  You will with grace and grit gain greater self-acceptance and courage.

Something else might happen to you in your entrepreneurial experience that may give you a taste of the Jesus life. I have, and there’s a good chance that you too, will be betrayed. 

That’s right, the B word. Like Jesus one of your friends, partners, colleagues, someone you trust, will turn on and hurt and betray you.  Now how are you going to handle that?

God wants you to trust him and depend on him in the best of times and in the worst of times. There will be times as an entrepreneur that you will have to be like the people in the 12 Step program. 

As the first step says, you realize that you are powerless to get out of the mess you’re in by yourself. It is often at the end of self that the power of God begins.

And God thinks that’s a good thing for you to learn, to know, and to share with others.

So there you go. Obviously this is a series of random thoughts and perhaps muddled theories, but it all comes down to the understanding that for the Christian entrepreneur, principle number four, right in the middle of the entire experience, is to know that you were called to take big risks because that is what a life of powerful faith is all about.

May Deep Blessings be yours!



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