Do You Know the 3 – 12 – 70 Formula for Business and Life Success? …..



Dear Friends and Students 

Yes – the 3 – 12 – 70 principle is vital, and now I am starting to look for the three and the twelve.  And this powerful idea will be one of the things I hope to teach you about as you join The Christian Entrepreneur.

For the last few weeks I have been introducing you to the new ideas behind an idea and vision that we call, The Christian Entrepreneur.  

It’s not for everybody.  Do you know that deep in the important stuff inside of you, that the Christian tradition has important things to say and teach about how you should live your life?

Are you beginning to understand that your capacity to live your life fully and to flourish fully, will not happen as long as you do not take the risk of creating your own business enterprise, and thinking and acting like a true entrepreneur?

Then please think about joining me in being fully what we are, and what we are called to be

Today the The Christian Entrepreneur Network, a educational, teaching, and networking company was approved as a non profit company fully licensed in the State of Arizona and recognized by the IRS, and is on a track to be fully licensed for all tax and business advantages.

We begin now to search for those who want to join us to change their lives, their business, and maybe their world.

By September a world-class internet stage, radio, and TV station, along with some top business teachers and practitioners, will be on the air with the things that will not just help you learn, but to do!

We want it to be practical, useful, fruitful, and profitable for all.   We want it to be truly Spirit-led!

Those who know me, know that this will be one of the things that is truly my voice and heart coming together.  I look forward to hearing from you and joining me.  

We can no longer live our lives and do business as we have done it in the past and are doing it now.  It won’t work.

I hope to help us all do life and business that works!

All the best and blessings,



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