Yeah Stan It’s Just Like You to Start Your Life Legacy Project Today


Offical TCEN 400x400pcLogo copyDear Friends,

“Yeah Stan, It’s Just Like You to Start Your Life Legacy Project, Today.”… is what my friend said.

We begin the now ready to go and fully launch The Christian Entrepreneur Network. It is what another friend said … “This might be what you were made for…..”

This is the day 500 years ago when the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Martin Luther posted the 95 I Believe statements on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. It changed Western Civilization, it changed world history, and it changed the world for you and for me whether you know it or like it or not!

And for me it was almost providential …Last week the U.S. government IRS approved my application for The Christian Entrepreneur Network to be approved as a non-profit, tax-exempt, donations are tax-deductible, educational and service charity organization.

Then the Apple company informed me that our new internet Radio Today radio program (podcast) was approved for worldwide distribution (500,000,000 million subscribers) and along with all of the many social media networks we can now reach around the world with the message.

Our message, our mission, our cause and our conviction: We want to help Christian entrepreneurs to grow, go, and build useful, fruitful, and profitable enterprises and companies; to make a living, make a difference, and be successful as they learn more about doing business the Jesus way.

This is your invitation to join us. You can learn from all of us. You can help teach all of us. I am convinced that our culture, our education systems, and so much of our business and commerce is now broken, ineffective, and corrupt … and badly in need of a new Jesus-led Reformation. And we will start that re-forming in the sector that hits us all: Business and The Marketplace.

Its time for a StartOver … That is what our Radio Today radio program is about today … Please go to and become a ready to learn and grow Christian Entrepreneur.

I want your help and support to make this go and grow. Please consider this not only as an invitation, but a request for your support.

… all the best, and blessings,



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