Was Jesus Tough & Will He Make You Tough?… Do you want to be tough?…Let’s Find out!

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Dear Friends around the World

… Yes you are my friends and some of you have asked what my new internet radio program is like, and where you can get it. First of all, it is all over the place!!!!

It is on our website http://www.TCEntrpreneur.org and on places like iTunes, SoundCloud, facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, I Heart Radio, Stitcher, Google Play and others. and more to come with your help.

It is 12 – 20 minutes …The popular TED talks are 20 minutes, and the average commute today in the USA is 20 minutes;and so we planned that folks could listen on their commuting time on their phones or mobile devices.

Well here is the program that we did Friday entitled,
Was Jesus Tough & Will He Make You Tough?… Do you want to be tough?…Let’s Find out!
… And here is what it is about…

Wasn’t it gentle Jesus, meek and mild? Really? What do you think about the personality of Jesus?  And if you are gentle and meek and mild will you be able to survive all the snarks, sharks, snakes, and sewer rats that you come across in the marketplace? (Told you this was radio on the edge).

Join me as I do some out loud thinking, and share some ideas about mental toughness and what that might mean to you as a Christian Entrepreneur!

You can experience our Radio On The Edge program, right now and right here

And profound blessings to you today…



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