RadiOnThEdge #64-If Pain Were Water, the World Would D_________…


Dear Friends,

Last Friday I had a real “pain episode” and dealt with it through the weekend… and that got me to thinking about a number of pain things, and so I stepped into Studio 1 and that got me to speaking some of the things that I was thinking … and here is the program… Just for you!

RadiOnThEdge#64 – If Pain Were Water the World would Drown and how this is the start to Selling and Marketing You and Your Business

Yes, if pain were water the world would indeed Drown, and it would be really bad. So find out what we are talking about, and how that affects you and then how it affects you and your business when it coms to selling …

Here are the words you have to learn about today as I teach the basics of Selling…

Position, and

This is a powerful coaching experience on how to begin to be great at selling you and your business.


Here is the program and you can hear it right now!


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