RadiOnThEdge – Would Jesus & Company Do a Super Bowl Commercial

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Through the week I will be teaching you how to build your business by doing a Super Bowl commercial whether you can afford to produce it or air it or not…. Never do any more strategic planning, first do a Super Bowl commercial. More to come.

We did as promised and produced this radio program:

RadiOnThEdge#67 – Would Jesus & Company Have Done a Super Bowl Commercial To Build their Business?

Yes that is right, and that is the question for today’s program? Would Jesus the Entrepreneur if he were doing his work today; would he and the company of his committed followers consider having a Super Bowl commercial to get the good word out.

Just think, the good news to over 100 million people all over the world. Well that’s a way to get you thinking, and then introduce you to my program to help you build your business… I will teach you why and how you must build a Super Bowl commercial for your business.

The program is on right and right here:

All the best today and keep learning new things every day Entrepreneur,



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