Your Super Bowl Commercial Will Help Build your Business in 2018


Dear Friends,

Yesterday I helped a business owner discover that unless he could get his business story down to one minute, and in a video presentation, that he was not ready to do any strategic planning, branding, marketing, or new product development.

I also helped three businesses around the world do their video commercial, and I want to help you do the same … so take 20 minutes to hear our latest program… it will get you starteded in thinking about the modern social media and what you need to know and do.

Here is a 20 minute program and you will learn some things that are vital that you don’t probably know about doing business today in the media age.

RadiOnThEdge#68 – Your.Super Bowl Commercial To Build Your Business – Here Is The Story!

Yes you can and here we go… In less than 20 minutesI I will teach you some vital things that you as a business leader, an Entrepreneur, a changemaker, need to know to build any organization or business today…

You need to learn the basics of how the mass media, the broadcasting arts work and function so that you can use them effectively and not be used by them. This will help you to build a great story video for you and your business and who knows, it might be just as good if not better than those on the super bowl.

The program is on right now and right here:

All the best today and keep learning new things every day Entrepreneur,



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